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Jessica & Geoffrey

Raised $2,600 to go to Greece!

"We didn't plan anything that we couldn't afford" Jessica & Geoffrey

What we did with our Honeyfund:

We didn’t plan anything that we couldn’t afford—but our Honeyfund meant we had less to worry about on our honeymoon.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry:

We got married in New England, but we live in California. Transporting physical gifts was a hassle, but so was sharing this information by word of mouth—our families were too spread out. Honeyfund made it more comfortable and personal for family not accustomed to giving financial gifts.

What our guests thought:

Most of our guests thought Honeyfund was great and fun. Especially our younger friends, who already use PayPal and weren’t interested in traditional wedding gifts like towels, etc.

Why we liked Honeyfund.com:

It took us no time to set up. Most of our guests found it easy to use, even older people who are not internet savvy. We didn’t really consider any other services, once we found out most had a service charge. We weren’t interested in charging guests for their money.